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Introduction Of Textra Pro APK 2021

One of the biggest reasons for the evolution of Android applications is its quick response. One of the applications that we look into in this regard is Textra Pro APK. Textra Pro APK is a communication-based application required for personal and business purposes. As a result of its incredible and user-friendly interface, it has received worldwide admiration on numerous platforms.

About Textra Premium APK

Version 4.33_B43301
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Textra Pro APK 2020 is a formidable app. One of the reasons behind it is its incredible features. We dive into it below:

1.   Textra Support

One of the biggest qualities of Textra Pro APK is its ability to switch from one conversation to another. If you are unwilling to contact from one application, you don’t need to remove it, you can just swipe from left to right. The interface is magnificent and user-friendly.

When you come into the chatbox, this is where Textra Pro APK shows its qualities. This application enables you to know all the details about your contact. The details include an image, phone number, occupation, etc. You can directly move to the call log or text that particular person. 

Textra Pro APK also encourages you to do conversations with other people via GIFs. You can look into the toolbar of GIPHY to ensure that you get a reasonable clip to make the other person understand your meaning.

You don’t need to label your calendars with your family’s birthdays anymore. This application will ensure that you can send the birthday text exactly at midnight on your relative’s birthday. Sometimes, the text gets sent and you don’t even know whether it is done or not. Therefore, it is always reliable regarding keeping birthday dates in order.


2.   Textra Pro Anticipation

The best quality in terms of its response is the reply to texts that are based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). For example, if someone has texted you “Thanks”, you can either tap on the option to mark it as read, or you can click on the text bar where the suggestion already is something like “You are Welcome”.

Therefore, it does not only save you time but if you are working on an important task, you don’t need to shift to your chat box as AI will enable a quick reply. Google is working on providing new solutions to the notification bar. 

3.   Textra Privacy

A big feature of Textra Pro APK is that it enables you to personalize the interface as per your liking. When you go to the internal options of the app, you can personalize your background color, theme color, contact icon, etc. The application also enables you to select your text bar which allows you to determine the length of your text. Therefore, every feature has an option. 



Textra Pro APK 2021 has been nothing short of a sensation for mobile users. Its incredible interface and numerous options allow you to have complete control of your communication panel. Numerous mobile users are inclined towards this app and its evolution will only improve its reputation. 


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What's new

✔ Textra is now backed up automatically using the built-in Google Backup service. Makes it so easy to swap devices or uninstall / reinstall without losing your settings and any customization! Supported from Android 6.
✔ Compliance with recently enforced Google API 30 requirements, more info @ https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/target-sdk
✔ Bug fixes.