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The Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK series is a fighting game that ensures you create and organize an army to fight against the enemies. The game is now in its fourth year and has 4 installments ever since its emergence on portable devices. 

This game allows you to play the character called Vez’nan and allow him to take revenge against his formidable enemies. If you have read the reviews of this game, you may feel that it is just another game like the Clash of Clans where you organize an army of troops and overcome any barriers to get your throne.

However, the game is anything but as simple. It has evolved the feature of the tower defense genre to ensure that you get homes for your shelter. The development team i.e. Iron hide Game Studio has ensured that there is a lot more to come from this game in the future.

Features of the Kingdom Rush Vengeance 2021 APK

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance 2021 APK is a formidable fighting game that ensures unity within your army to overcome challenges physically and mentally. The features within this game have ensured that it elevates itself to the next level. We dive into those features below:

1.   An innovative storyline

If you look into the storyline of the Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, you would not wait to spend $5 on this game right away. Your character Vez’nan is down after finding that his castle has come to its demise, filled with dwarfs and slaves. Looking at the situation, he hits out the plan to get things back to normal. He tries to get his land back by getting items such as skeletons, goblins, demons, etc. 

Some fans do feel frustrated because of the continuous cut scenes that take place during an action/adventure game. For those who feel frustrated, they have good news that almost 50% of the cut scenes come before the game even starts. In the first stage, you have 4 archetypes and you try to unlock more of them as you progress to Level 17.

2.   Organizing a dark army

Like I have mentioned before, the tower defense genre has ensured that you can create strategic locations or places where you can hide from your enemies. However, you must continue to change your locations from time to time as the enemies won’t take long to find you. 

As you are progressing through the levels, you may find certain areas where you are yet to create a tower. More the towers, the easier it is for you to organize your army and fend off your enemies. 

3.   Tower Customization

Apart from fending off challenges, certain towers are available from the start of every battle. The towers become another option for you as you can choose at least 5 towers with you before the battle. You can pull out of a battle if you think you have made the wrong choice. 

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